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The Occupy movement: Rich sympathizers and Mark Cuban’s advice to protesters

Rich people are invited to make signs and upload them at
We are the 1 percent | We stand with the 99 percent


Oddly related:
Mark Cuban, who first made his money in computer hardware and early Internet streaming before buying the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA, blogs My Soapbox Advice to the OWS Movement and then some.토토사이트

It starts with 1. The Great Lie of Wall Street (“We are acting in the best interests of shareholders.”):
…When a CEO utters this lie, everyone automatically forgives whatever they do. Add 10k jobless to the unemployment rolls ? Sorry, we did it in the BEST INTEREST OF SHAREHOLDERS. Merge or buy a company and cut back across the board ? We did it in the Best Interest of Shareholders.
The problem is that unless the company is losing money and it is the only way to keep the company alive, in this era of 9.1pct unemployment it NEVER is in the BEST INTEREST OF SHAREHOLDERS.

Shareholders , whether they own shares directly or through mutual funds or pensions do not live in a corporate vacuum. Their lives are impacted by far more than the share price of a stock. Every layoff in the name of more earnings per share puts a stress on the economy, on the federal, state and local governments which is in turn paid for through taxes or assumption of government debt by….wait for it.. the same shareholders CEOs say they want to benefit.

If OWS really wants to change corporate structure and impact the economy, talk to shareholders…

By number 4, he’s pointing in very big type to a blog entry he wrote in 2008 titled Tax the Hell Out of Wall Street; Give it to Main Street.


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